RFI went to see the favela of hope

In Osasco, a suburb of São Paulo, a community of five hundred families is run by women alone. An alternative and promising adventure, presented on RFI.

The Brazilians elected this week their president in a context of major crisis, which has brought to power a far-right man, a supporter of eradicating violence … by liberalizing arms sales. Nothing, however, in the Bolsonaro program to solve the catastrophic housing situation that gave birth to the Homeless Workers Movement. In the absence of social housing, the illegal occupation of unoccupied land has become a common phenomenon, as with the development of new favelas.

Faced with the insecurity and insalubrity of these precarious neighborhoods, Irene Maestro Guimarães, born of the extreme left movement Luta Popular, sows hope. In 2013, she created Ocupação Esperança in Osasco, a suburb of São Paulo. On a hill overlooking the huge Coca-Cola factory, this favela is home to five hundred families. Its particularity: it is self-managed by women. Margot Hemmerich takes us, for RFI, through the gutted dirt roads of this wasteland that has become the scene of an alternative political adventure. We discover a mini-society that holds weekly a popular assembly, and a daily management headed by a female leadership. One coordinates the distribution of water, the other access to school, cinema, or a project of nursery. “We welcome many single mothers but also couples,” says Irene Maestro. In a domestic violence case, a women’s commission meets to listen to the victim. If she wishes, the man can be excluded from the Occupation. “

As soon as someone has a problem, the others come to help, ” says a resident.

Many of them arrive here after trying to live in other improvised villages. “Here, the union makes all the difference. As soon as someone has a problem, the others come to help, ” says a resident. In five years, no homicide at Ocupação Esperança. “We feel a soothing atmosphere, joyful, with music everywhere … It’s very different from other favelas where I could go”, explains Margot Hemmerich, who has been able to transmit this happy atmosphere in his report.

The voices of the inhabitants and inhabitants she met transpired ardor, hope and desire for the best. But a sword of Damocles hovers over their heads: the tacit agreement with the town hall celebrates this year its fifth anniversary, date on which the town is supposed to regularize the situation, including ensuring the supply of water and electricity. Accustomed to adversity (they were expelled from their first location and then burned down last year), the women of Osasco are ready to defend their islet of peace.

Fip is making his cinema Paradis

From “White Wedding” to “Family Photo”, Fip returns to the filmography of Vanessa Paradis. But in music, please! A (re) listen online.

In this Some like the Fip devoted to Vanessa Paradis, Susana Poveda and Denis Soula take the opposite of expectations. They do not summon the slender girl swinging in her orange sweatshirt while humming the story of a taxi named Joe. Neither the interpreter of Tandem or Divine Idylle. It is Vanessa Paradis actress who is in the spotlight. From his first role as a troubled teenager who seduces his teacher of philosophy in Noce blanche , Jean-Claude Brisseau, the last woman-statue for tourists in Family Photo , Cecilia Rouaud, they propose a musical retrospective of his filmography. Between two extracts of films (more or less memorable), we hear Gainsbourg blow Elisa, Peter von Poehl sing the soundtrack of L’Arnacœur, but also Birkin, Biolay … The lovers of the sweet voice singer will however have the pleasure of listen to resume, among others, a classic of the Italian repertoire: Tu si na cosa grande. Nice walk.

Neil Armstrong in the moonlight

He had a life before and after the Apollo mission. A (re) listen on RTL, the sensitive portrait of a man who loved nothing so much as … to slip away.

He is the first to have walked on the Moon, the hero of America and all humanity. But what became Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) after this space feat? Once back, he did everything for the Earth to forget, to the despair of journalists to whom he offered only a wax face and a rare word, buried on a ranch in his native Ohio. An obsession with the notoriety that Jean-Alphonse Richard connects on RTL to his youth, punctuated by episodes where he narrowly escapes death. The one who had postponed too late his registration to the Apollo program will end up saving the mission by correcting at the last moment the moon landing trajectory … “These are the circumstances that have placed me in this role,” he repeated. “He always felt guilty of a celebrity won over a project that tens of thousands of people had participated,” confided his wife. This nostalgic and poetic podcast turns impassive Armstrong into a moving character.

A summer of blood, tears and laughter

“My carioca winter”, the podcast of Aimee Cymbalista, the winner of the Radio Summer Contest, is online.

It starts with cries of pain. Or enjoyment. We do not know too much and it’s almost embarrassing. The summer of Aimée Cymbalista, her Winter carioca, begins with a childbirth, his, in a public hospital of Rio, “where all my in-laws told me that I was going to die, as well as my baby” . With a nonchalant, cynical and acidic tone like an overflow of caipirinha, she tells two shocking and lunar months, between a “sexuality in prison” and “tears of overwork”. The winner of the Arte Radio Summer Contest weaves her tiredness between a repeated request by her fellatio companion while the body is bruised and her mind far away, a Neymar rolling on the floor like a capricious child in the midst of the World Cup and a slew of people on vacation on social networks. How beautiful it is this summer in the middle of winter, that laugh that is writhing with tears.

The radio application that wants to compete in Mexico with more than 850 free radio stations

The radio is a means of communication that has managed to stay current regardless of the impact of television or the Internet in recent times. A study by Ey in 2015 indicates that it is the second medium with the greatest reach in the country with 72% of households, only below that of open television that reaches 88%, with 1,659 radio stations throughout the country. territory.

Grupo ACIR, announced the arrival of iHeartRadio , a streaming service from the United States. The alliance between the two companies will ensure that the 56 ACIR Group stations can be heard online , in addition to having 850 stations live in Mexico and the United States.

A tough competition for streaming in Mexico

In addition to online radio, you can also listen to music stations, podcast in Spanish and exclusive content created for iHeartRadio in English and Spanish. The platform can be heard directly in a browser or through its Google Play , App Store and Android Wear applications.

The service reaches a market dominated by TuneIn , an application that offers more than 120,000 stations around the world, with applications for mobile phones and Smart TV, as well as compatibility with services such as Alexa and Google Home.

There are important differences to consider, the first is that in TuneIn you do not need to register to listen to any station, in the case of iHeartRadio registration is mandatory to be able to listen to any content .

On the other hand, TuneIn has a paid version that offers access to broadcasts with NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games live, as well as non-commercial music for $ 10 a month. In the case of iHeartRadio all your service is free.

It is expected that over the weeks more content from Mexico will be added.