On Slate, it’s the story of a speech therapist who stammered

Little, Lena has deployed treasures of inventiveness to hide his stuttering. Then overcoming his disability by becoming a speech therapist.

Its fast flow, combined with its slightly shy tone, puts the chip in the ear. The story of Lena, if it were less delicate, would be one that begins with “What is the height for …” This young orthophonist, modest and determined, goes back to Transfert (on Slate.fr) the thread of his career and his faults. Her first difficulties making friends at school, her fear of speaking in the evening, her need to prepare what she will tell the baker, the terror of having to make a call. Indices that lead her to the path of a rare and little-known condition: masked stuttering. His symptoms are perfectly hidden behind inventive strategies of avoidance, without erasing their suffering. Faced with this paradox, Lena gives the listener a beautiful lesson in life by confronting her stuttering, which has become an asset of choice in her relationship with patients.