On tour with the hairdresser of the island of Sein

The scissors cut, the languages ​​are loosened: from house to house, France Culture followed Mikaël, hairdresser, who, every month embarks for the island of Sein and chains home visits. Head on the confetti of Finistère.

Every month, when Mikaël goes to the island of Sein, in Finistère, he is welcomed as a savior. His job ? Hairdresser. The island is indeed lacking, and the trip to the mainland would involve having to sleep on site: out of season, there is only one boat per day. In this report by Elise Andrieu (France Culture), we follow the benefactor on tour, who travels the sodden streets of the island dragging his equipment behind him – a big briefcase equipped with wheels. Ambroisine, Greg, Jeanine, Anne … home visits are linked, transforming the salon, the kitchen or the bistro into a hairdressing salon. Could it be the inconvenience of the wind or the fear that it will not come back? All Senanes ask him the same cut: very short. These sessions also sometimes lead to gentle conversations about femininity, bad weather or the history of the island.