Quentin Blake: an artist sketch

By mentioning for France Culture his illustrations of “Candide”, his frescoes or Roald Dahl, it is himself that the Englishman Quentin Blake speaks. In an exquisite French.

“Quentin Blake’s drawing is a writing, it even gives the impression that it is the writers who illustrate it and not the other way around. “So Daniel Pennac speaks he twirling the line of English, known for his illustrations of texts by Roald Dahl. For the Atelier de la création, on France Culture, Catherine Guilyardi met the London octogenarian to make him talk about his version of Candide de Voltaire, or frescoes he made in hospitals. In a charming French, Blake gives leads to better define it, without ever totally engaging. “When you create something, you do not really know what it is. The subjects, we draw them in his head, in his body, it’s like playing on stage, ” murmurs in an amused tone the cartoonist, keen on poetry and collector of feathers. A funny bird, in a documentary removed, which manages by the sound to make live the drawing.