The bare voice of Emmanuelle Laborit

The writer, actress and director tells Johanna Bedeau, about France Culture, how she overcame her deafness.

“No matter how much I screamed, there was something that was inaccessible to me. “Deaf from birth, Emmanuelle Laborit was nicknamed the” Seagull “as a child because she was shouting to be heard.

She has since found other ways to express herself. Writer, actress and director, she tells to Johanna Bedeau in A naked voice, on France Culture. It accurately portrays the disarray felt in adolescence in a silent world, the revolt against the denial of the deaf community and its fight to make theater.

How to find one’s place in a world that language shapes? By the sign language and by the language of the body. Through the theater and the voice of commitment to the benefit of the hearing-impaired community. An enlightening interview, tinged with humor and pretty cries “so that the world of the deaf is no longer the world of silence”.