Truffaut recounts “The sequestered of Poitiers” the abominable fact recounted

In 1901, we learn that a woman has been locked in sordid conditions by her mother for twenty-five years. The story of a captivating captivity to listen to online.

“Like André Gide, I have a strong taste for news, because they mark the intrusion of baroque into everyday life,” says François Truffaut in a 1967 archive, rebroadcast by Philippe Garbit in Les Nuits de France Culture . Invited to read one of his favorite books, his choice focuses on the abominable story of La Séquestrée de Poitiers, retraced by André Gide. In 1901, an anonymous letter informs the Attorney General of Poitiers that Blanche Monnier is locked in a room repugnant to dirt, for twenty-five years, by her mother and her brother. With a certain talent as a storyteller, the filmmaker reads reports and testimonies of the time, describing the worms that swarmed on the bed of the captive, who had the strange habit of systematically calling any object his ” dear little object. A story in seven episodes as baked as captivating.